United States of America is probably the most targeted country for the students of Asia for further study. Since it is known as the country of luck, many people love to land in the USA for various reasons. First and most important reason why people want to go to US is to enhance its excellence education since it has one of the most advanced systems of education in the world and equally for its best job offerings. Asian students also plan to go US considering its affordable fees, easy and transparent visa processing and the abundance of superb research and employment opportunities.

The United States is the home for Universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Cornell, to name just a few. It contains more than 3500 authorized colleges and universities which offer more than 900 degree programs. Out of vast no. of degree choices, students can choose any in their own interest. But it is indispensable to choose the right one that helps u to show the path of your future. In USA at the moment, more than 700,000 international students are making their career.

The United States is also the venue of most of the cutting edge research and development in the world. It is no doubtly the richest and the most advanced country in the present world. Combined with the strong economy and the huge industrial base, it is almost an irresistible choice for most students contemplating further studies abroad.

It is also best known for offering the numerous job opportunities. People once gone/ been to America can hardly stop praising its educational standards and job opportunities.

The U.S educational degrees have global reputation. Its technology and academic excellence remain the best in the world.

Major states in the USA

New-York, Washington D.C, Florida, California, Texas, Verginia, Pennsylvania,Gorgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, etc

Entry dates

Most schools in the United States operate rotational semesters. There are 3 entry dates.

Fall- (August/September):

This is perhaps the most important entry date with the largest intake and the most scholarships on offer.

Summer- (May/June)

This entry date is available in only a few schools and most reputed schools do not have a Summer entry date.

Spring- (January/February):

This entry date is also quite popular with students and colleges in Nepal. It coincides perfectly with the board examination and thus, is probably the most common entry date here.

Why USA?

Educational System in the USA

The system of education in the USA is substantially different from ours. The following chart should make it clear what the system there is like and what entry is available for whom.


10 S.L.C.
12 High School Degree + 2 Eligibility for Freshman year gained
15 Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) Eligibility for Credit Transfer and Bridge Course gained
16 Bachelor’s Degree final year for 4 year degrees and 1st year Masters for candidates with 3 year degrees Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) 1st year Masters students gain entry to Graduate Course in USA
17 Graduate Degree (for those with 3 year degrees)
18 Graduate Degree Graduate Degree (for those with 4 year degrees)

There is no any rule and regulations on selecting the colleges/universities in the USA. We do offer you to select any colleges/universities out of 3600 in the 50 states of the USA. These are the major universities/colleges where our students successfully enrolled. Click on the links below and find out more about these elite schools.

Institutions in the USA

Institutions Name Location Website
Bethany College Lindsborg , Kansas
Brigham Young University Provo , Utah
Cameron University Lawton , Oklahoma
Centralia College Centralia , Washington
Dakota Wesleyan University Mitchell , South Dakota
Dallas Baptist University Dallas , Texas
Florida Metropolitan University Pompano Beach , Florida
Iowa State University Ames , Iowa
Lamar University Beaumont , Texas
Lewis Clark State College Lewiston , Idaho
Maharishi University Fairfield , Iowa
Minnesota State University Moorhead Moorhead , Minnesota
Mountain State University Beckley , West Virginia
Newman University Wichita , Kansas
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University Stillwater , Oklahoma
Salem College Winston – Salem, North Carolina
St. Cloud State University St. Cloud , Minnesota
Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth , Texas
Troy University Florence , Alabama
University of Central Arkansas Conway , Arkansas
University of Central Oklahoma Edmond , Oklahoma
niversity of North Alabama Florence , Alabama
University of South Alabama Mobile , Alabama
Virginia International University Fairfax , Virginia


For your kind notice:

All candidates who have been refused their visas can avail of counseling/admissions at other institutions other countries at no extra cost except all correspondence, courier and admission fee expenses.